Private 1 to 1 Coaching


My son recently started playing snooker, so for a birthday present we decided to take him for coaching with Paul. Paul spent 2 hours coaching my son, and I can give nothing but positive feedback, We were warmly welcomed prior to our 2-hour coaching lesson and Paul explained what he intended to coach, and what we would learn. After the 2 hour session Paul improved our stance , sighting and potting , making sure everything was in a straight line . We left knowing what we had to work on , with obvious improvements during our session . Its clear Paul knows the game very well and is delivered in a very structured manner. I would definitely recommend Paul for snooker coaching whether you are beginner or more experienced player.I am 100% sure you would see improvements in your game .
Mark Davis
Bradford, West Yorkshire
I have known Paul a very long time... Having practiced with him for thousands of hours, I can assure you he can play the game to a high standard, but after years of playing the game he decided his real passion for the game was coaching. Paul used to coach many people of ages within our Snooker hall and passing tips towards myself when playing him was something he used to do quite frequently. He seemed to be one of those people that could spot something you was doing wrong as he watched your cueing  technique and let you know. Practice seemed to be his way of analyzing someone's game rather than trying to get better or even win, but he knows his stuff I can recommend Paul to anyone who has a certain issue with the game whether it be long potting, break building and so on he would put you on the correct path to improvement. New beginners would love his set-up noise free environment and lovely playing standards.
Kevin Firth
Fantastic coach
I have known Paul many years through our local snooker leagues . After a recent loss of form, i was pleased to come across a local  snooker coach in my area. I contacted Paul via the website , and arranged a one hour session. I can highly recommend a coaching session with Paul if you wishing to improve your game . After 1 hour ,  Paul had recognised my faults and now i am back playing snooker with enjoyment and much more confidence . Kind Regards Peter
Bradford Snooker League Player